Yoga Bed

woman in a traditional yoga poseMy yoga classes fell by the wayside last winter when I got a job with an unpredictable schedule. That seems to be a recurring theme in my life, unpredictable. So I’ve always struggled to keep an exercise routine going. However, one thing that does work for me is doing a little yoga before getting out of bed every morning.

Okay, maybe not every morning. There will always be those days when I wake up late and have to jump and run, but those are exceptions. Most of the time a 10 to 20 minute routine just after opening my eyes gets my body warmed up for the day.

Benefits of Yoga in Bedrelaxation yoga posture

I know most people say you should do yoga on the floor, a hard surface, but my bed is fairly firm and I’m not doing standing poses. These flat on my back poses release tension that have built up overnight, as well as increase strength and flexibility.

Since tossing the covers and stepping barefoot onto a cold floor tends to be a shock in winter, I find moving out of bed tends to be more enjoyable after doing a little yoga. As a matter of fact, I’ll stretch and bend my legs, feet, hands and arms to warm up before I even toss the covers to move through the poses.

Here’s my routine:

  1. Reclining Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose
  2. Lower straight leg up and down 10 times (not touching down on bed)
  3. Lower leg straight out to side 10 times (not touching down on bed)
  4. Repeat on other leg
  5. Knee to chin press
  6. Raised bound angle pose
  7. Half happy baby on each side
  8. Whole happy baby
  9. Knee to chin press
  10. Eye of the needle pose (sucirandhrasana)
  11. Lying-down Body Twist (Natrajasana)
  12. Lying on side leg lifts (Vishnu asana)
  13. Arms, fingers and hands; stretches and rotationsWoman Practicing Reclining Big Toe Yoga Pose

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