True Love, True Peace, True Women

I cried with gratitude and joy when I saw this video. The song, and the dancing of these women of all ages and walks of life comforted and liberated my heart. Together, regardless of our differences, we can spread a message that every human being deserves respect and to be protected against violence, especially children and women.

Let’s all work together to promote true peace:

  1. First we have to respect ourselves, our mind and body, by developing them in a healthy, disciplined and productive way that reflects our true divinity.
  2. Next we have to teach our children to do the same, and to treat others with respect even when we feel they don’t deserve it.
  3. Finally, as we move through life within our own sphere of influence we can uplift others, help others, provide support, protection and encouragement for those who suffer or have suffered, and we can spread the message of the value of life and true love.

This is my Valentine’s Day gift and wish to everyone: True Love and True Peace through the understanding of your divine value, and the development of the goodness in your heart and life.

5 thoughts on “True Love, True Peace, True Women

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