MIA – Hibernation

Where have I been; in a cave, under a rock or in an igloo? Temperatures in the single digits keep the door closed. Howling wind and creaking windows cause me to pull the blankets closer as I mindlessly challenge myself at solitaire, or watch Netflix. Am I a bear in hibernation?

This winter is no worse than others I hibernation 2have endured before, but it feels worse. I feel trapped, confined, limited, and on edge. I pace the floors, chase dust bunnies, mop up puddles under snow boots, the cleaning never ends. I read, I type, I go out, I stay busy but it really doesn’t matter what I do. I am MIA – missing in action, or missing the action might be more accurate.

For many years the weather was tolerable because of my growing family, my work, my community. I was healthy, I had so many ideas and dreams to fulfill, I was busy all the time. The winter was painful but it did not slow me down in the past. I did what had to be done to take care of my family, live happily and stay active in my community.

hibernation 1Now it’s different; my health, my age, our stage of life, our family. I don’t like hibernating like a bear. I want to fly south like a bird, or maybe southwest. It’s time for change, before it’s too late; before I freeze like an ice statue only to melt and disappear when the spring finally arrives.

I want to be free and actively involved in life, contributing something of value. The house and mortgage have become like a ball and chain; the endless repairs are like prison walls. It’s torture, because I love this house. I’ve invested my heart to make it a home. So many memories, so many hopes and dreams not yet fulfilled.

Stay active, keep moving, downsize property and possessions. How much do we really need to be happy? It’s not the material things that make us happy, but the loved ones that are served by those things; our family and friends. Can we pack our family and friends in a bag and take them with us? We can keep in touch but it’s not the same as being together.

Is being together worth being stuck in a painful and unproductive rut, wasting away? Some people feel it is, others do not. I am torn between two natures, two desires, to go and to stay. Some people can afford to do both, but I can not. One thing I know is that I am not a bear, I can not hibernate through the long winter. I don’t want to be MIA from life, I’m not done living yet.

A touching and somewhat related link: http://jamesdez.wordpress.com/2012/03/02/a-letter-from-mom-and-dad/

2 thoughts on “MIA – Hibernation

  1. I know some people travel between 2 spaces depending on season – but not sure I could do that – environments / surroundings are important – and how to you create that comfortable spot in 2 places? It would be hard to leave family if you have them – we really don’t have many left and they are all over the place.
    Cold weather causes cabin fever and sleepiness? You should try our August.
    It’s nice here now, but from end of June to Halloween it’s so darn hot it’s intolerable – hard to get outside…and all the AC inside everywhere is set on freezing.
    Summer’s hibernating time for me – stuck inside.
    So there’s got to be something in between roasting or freezing?


    • Yes, the ideal place to live. If there was one it would be overcrowded! I grew up in south Florida and the weather did not bother me even though many people feel it’s too hot and humid there. as long as I have sunshine, warmth and a balmy ocean breeze I’ll be okay.


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