Breathe In Beauty, Breathe Out Stress

Today the sun is shining, the air is cool, the season is changing.

Time to take a deep breath and savor the smells, the new oxygen, the tingling crispness that comes with autumn. Then breathe out the old season, past woes and wishes, letting go of what is gone. Today is a new day with it’s own unique beauty.

Life is full of challenges, thrills, periods of calmness and serenity, all to be enjoyed for the lessons they teach and enrichment they give. Moving forward is easier when we can enjoy the present and leave yesterday’s stress behind. What a lovely day it is when I allow myself to breath in it’s beauty, and breathe out the stress that tends to zap away energy.

All we need for a beautiful life is all around us all the time, it’s always been there and always will be. Do we see it? Do we feel it? Do we allow ourselves to experience it? Or do we focus on what we think we don’t have, or allow problems to constantly cloud our minds? The greatest challenge for humanity is freeing the mind to live fully in appreciation of the beauty and goodness that is inherent in life, the way a child playing in the dirt enjoys the richness of the moment.

If your life is beautiful, help others make their lives beautiful too – whatever way you can.

4 thoughts on “Breathe In Beauty, Breathe Out Stress

  1. Recently I’ve taken to leaving my phone at home while I walk my dog. Instead of focusing on that small, bright screen, I look around me at the trees, the flowers, the errant feathers, the people passing by me with their thoughts clearly turned inward. I am both quieted and rejuvenated by this watching, this noticing, and my overall life is better for these moments where I step outside the falsehood that there is something I must be doing. There is indeed very little I “must” do with my off-work hours, but a great deal that I would benefit by doing . . . most of all, stopping to smell the roses, alone and with my family as I am able.

    I love this post. I love taking the time, although it’s taking me time to learn how to do so without guilt or a sense of nervousness.


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