Photo Challenge

I’ve decided to try the WordPress Post A Week Photo Challenge. This will give me the motivation to be more creative even under difficult circumstances. Do you ever find yourself becoming too tired to think, too cold to take the camera out, or not surrounded by enough inspiration? I get that way sometimes, but I don’t like it.

I’m jumping right in and the challenge theme this week is Regret. Take a photo of something that expresses regret to me. Not exactly what I would call inspiring, but I suppose regret is an inevitable part of life that each person experiences in their own way.

I’m sure some people really love winter, my youngest son loves winter. My regret is that I can no longer tolerate winter. Actually I have some regret about moving north in the first place, because the snow and ice has created lots of troubles and accidents for my family.

So, although snow is very beautiful, it makes me feel regret in many ways. I try not to think about it too much, and look forward to other things.

Enough of that, I hope next weeks challenge is a little more inspiring.

I also want to thank those who linked up with Create The Day last week. Check the page for last weeks featured post. This week the Create The Day linky will be posted on the 14th, Valentine’s Day, so in honor of the day the theme will be Create The Day With Love. Link up your Valentine posts or any posts relating to love. Love is the original creative force, so whenever we love we are creating something!

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