Autumn Memories

What does Autumn mean to you?

Is it cool crisp air, warm colors or back to school? Maybe you live in a warm climate like I used to and September is not much different from August. Are you looking forward to Halloween? Maybe you live somewhere where Halloween is not celebrated, or perhaps it’s Spring for you right now instead of Autumn. Our experiences are relative aren’t they?

For me, Autumn is a time to prepare, winter is coming. Begin changing the wardrobe, getbench in Autumn out the blankets, prepare the house & bring in the plants as night gets cooler. It’s also a time to enjoy the last days of warm weather & sunshine as often as I can, and notice all the beautiful new colors around. It’s a time to reflect on the wonder of life.

What is this time of year for you?
I love comments and will reply.

7 thoughts on “Autumn Memories

  1. Fall is definitely my favorite time, but living in a tropical area, fall does not come until December. So I am patiently waiting. But it was nice to experience it through your photos. Glad fall has arrived somewhere. By the way, I found your site through MBS.


  2. Autumn is absolutely my favorite season. These are beautiful pictures. I have some gorgeous ones from last year, but it seems that fall will never come this year. ~sigh~

    I left you an alexa review!


  3. I love your Autumn photos. I love the leaves changing colors and the crisp cool air in the evenings. We are having a late summer and we don’t get much of a Fall in the SF Bay Area. I miss that part of living on the East Coast… the seasonal changes.


    • Autumn is coming slow here too. My photos are actually from last year, we’re having an Indian Summer this year. I will be posting more, I took a lot last year because it was so gorgeous. Every year is different.


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