Dreaming and Making Changes

I got inspired recently to make some changes in my life. Dreaming is good, but action has to be taken if dreams are going to be fulfilled. There also has to be some realistic review of what’s actually possible. Possibilities change with age, health conditions, financial circumstances and even the world’s situation. While the pandemic…

Grief Released

I don’t think anyone can comprehend what losing your life partner is like unless you’ve been through it. Grief has no timeline, it can’t be measured, quantified or qualified. It is whatever it is for the person going through it.

Intuitive Collage by CSRoth

A Lifelong Struggle With Decision Making

I am not exactly what you could call a decisive person. I see so many possibilities, both good and bad. I struggle with a lot of insecurity too (not sure why). I prefer to let things play out without taking sides. There are so many points of view and who knows who’s right? Decisive This…