Happy New Year 2021!

Although I am in lockdown because of the pandemic, I am hopeful. I see good things happening everywhere. People are being heroic in their efforts to care for and help others. People are being cooperative in supporting the public interest. People are being courageous in weathering the storm.

Wishes for good health, good relationships and mutual prosperity in the coming year.

Maybe I have an idealistic view because I’m living in a country that has managed well during the pandemic. But if one country can do it, if one country can implement a sensible approach that most of it’s citizens buy into, then I figure there’s hope. Because good management during a crisis of this magnitude is not just about the current situation, it’s about people being public minded, responsible, cooperative and caring. These are the characteristics that make for good government, good citizenship, good families and friends, mutual prosperity and a hopeful future.

The Pandemic Will End

Vaccines are being distributed and efforts to manage the disease and stop the spread are continuing everywhere. The rest is up to us – you and me. What each of us does matters. Do we live selfishly or do we help the world move in the direction of co-prosperity where everyone can thrive?

You don’t have to save the world by yourself or donate a million dollars to the best charity. No one can be superman (or superwoman). But each of us has the ability to cultivate a mindset that honors the public good. We can develop a heart of compassion, helpfulness, kindness and working toward mutually beneficial outcomes. The more who do this the better the world becomes.

New Year Wishes

So that is my wish for 2021 – that we see an evolution of the human spirit and mind that can foster peace and prosperity for all. It has already begun, and you and I can add to it. Sometimes we think our small efforts don’t make much difference, but that’s not true. The impact of a good person’s life lives far beyond it’s time. May this new year find you in good health, in loving relationships, and prospering together with others as we develop our highest potential.

Love your feedback, tell me what you think!

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