Morning – The Least Likely Time I’ll Take A Photo

Never really been a morning person. I wake up usually to a cat wanting to be fed or let outside. I make coffee, eat some berries, maybe some toast and peanut butter. Then I sit quietly sipping my coffee, clearing my mind from any leftover dream imprints. I might pray, I might meditate, I might write or draw, or I might do nothing. My peaceful little space on the couch by the window is surrounded by my plants, special books and photos. The best days begin in solitary gratitude for all that is.

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5 thoughts on “Morning – The Least Likely Time I’ll Take A Photo

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    • Thanks, I do enjoy the quiet time before I begin my day even though I’m not a morning person. I don’t like to get up and rush, so that is my space by the dining room window where I “awaken to the new day”.

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