Refreshing Landscape

This week I am combining themes. Landscape from the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge and Refreshing from Where’s My Backpack’s Weekly Travel Theme. These two ideas fit perfectly with my current mood and thoughts. The recent trip to Arizona still fresh in my mind, while here in New Hampshire the weather is drizzly, and has moved from balmy to chilly in the past 12 hours. As much as I love NH, I do not like the Spring and Winter weather here; that’s half the year.

So, while the hubby is back in his homeland of sunny Australia, I daydream of warmer days to come. I plan my next trip and plot my course for future adventures where the skies are wide and blue. These thoughts of other landscapes are refreshing my inspiration to move forward on the path of recreating my life once again. (I believe we create our life in every moment through our thoughts and choices.)




2 thoughts on “Refreshing Landscape

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