Ode to a Sweet Kitten

DSC_0541I’m not really in the mood to write poetry right now, but I need to write something to ease my pain and sadness. To let go; to say goodbye is so difficult; especially when it is sudden and unexpected.


My little kitten is dying;
beautiful, soft and sweet,
delicate frame and tender heart,
in contrast to her overly clawed big feet.

A full grown cat in kitten disguise;
affectionate, quiet, but determinedly attached,
she slept on my lap almost daily,
she gave comfort and never scratched.

Sickness slowly creeping upon her;
she never complained,
suddenly too weak to play or eat,
and breathing very strained.

There is no way back;
a disease that lay dorment for years,
it can not be cured
so my heart is filled with tears.



She was very tiny when she came to us. A friend of my daughter’s was moving and could not keep her. I think it’s been 7or 8 years now, although it doesn’t seem that long ago. We already had a cat, and they never really got along as friends, but they didn’t fight. Our other cat goes in and out, but we kept Sabre inside.

I am already missing her while she’s in the hospital but I’m hoping to bring her home for a day or two before she goes. If it’s not too stressful for her, I’d like her to take her final rest in the comfort of her own home.

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