Support Peace in Israel & Palestine

From My Peace TV:

Combatants for Peace is holding the alternative Israeli-Palestinian commemoration ceremony for the 8th time this year. The event has become increasingly important for victims from both sides of the conflict as well as for the wider public who wish to acknowledge each other’s grievances and promote a dialog of peace.

The ceremony boldly touches on the exposed nerves of the Israeli – Palestinian conflict and brings together bereaved family members from both sides who call together for the ending of the conflict using nonviolent means.

The ceremony is also attended by artists, public figures and prominent intellectuals, who believe that on such a significant day for the Israeli society we should be reminded that it is possible to create a different reality.

The ceremony is designed and produced by the Combatants for Peace movement who relies entirely on donations, activists and volunteers to carry out its actions including this ceremony that has become its flagship annual event. The number of people attending this event increases every year and last year we enjoyed a turnout of 2000 people.

This year, the ceremony will take place at the Trade Fair Center to accommodate an anticipated larger number of attendees. As the service grows in size, so do the costs while it is becoming increasingly difficult to raise funds from the Israeli public for such causes.

We are relying on the generosity of individuals like yourself and we kindly ask you to help us make this important event happen again this year. We have to raise the necessary funds by the end of February!

Donation can be easily and safely made through these links:

We would also highly appreciate wider distribution of this call for contribution.

For more details on Combatants for Peace and the memorial ceremony please visit our website: Combatants for Peace


2 thoughts on “Support Peace in Israel & Palestine

  1. This is an organization that deserves the support of everybody in the world.
    I live in Israel and and support it with all of my heart-!
    If it was up to us, the everyday men and women, and not the politicians there would have been peace a long time ago-
    I live in the city of Kfar Saba, north east of Tel Aviv and near the green line and Jews and Arabs co-exist just like brothers and sisters- the way it should be! 🙂
    Extremists from both side are to blame the madness must stop!
    Kudos for posting and supporting this cause! Hugs!


    • I’ve been there and I’ve experienced what you are saying. The people want peace but the political forces don’t know how to make it happen. Thanks for stopping by, I hope this message reaches many people.


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