Weekly Photo Challenge – Resolved

How unresolved my life is right now! There are so many problems hanging in the air that I feel like I’ve fallen into a deep well in the woods. I am confronted with the results of my poor judgment in the past and my limitations in the present. The only thing I have resolved to do is to find gratitude in each day and take one step at a time.

I’m grateful that my kids keep pushing forward with a good heart, regardless of obstacles.kids push w

I’m grateful to know that spring & summer will come again.spring & summer w I’m grateful that even in difficult times we can experience love, hope and happiness.happiness & hopeI’m grateful that I can still move and do things to improve my life, and that is what I have resolved to do …move 2013… to keep moving forward with life, love and gratitude that I can still do something to create change for the better.


9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Resolved

  1. i LOVE this entire post! ‘m sure it’s EXACTLY what WP had in mind when framing this week’s challenge, i!
    The photo of your kids and that huge boulder is so perfect. What a fine and loving family you seem to be!
    May all good things come your way this year. 🙂


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  3. I’m so proud of you!
    I have been “in that place” where you feel as though your whole world is crashing around you and that you may never see the light of day again- and your friends (US! 😉 ) and family are of the utmost of importance.
    May I suggest that you keep a “Gratitude Journal” every day- or at least week- write down ONLY the good things you are grateful for-
    Your “Attitude of Gratitude” will pull you through.
    Feel free to contact me personally of you want a pep talk 🙂
    Many hugs


  4. A beautiful statement. Best of luck with all that you’re going through. And thank you for the wonderful comments you leave on my blog. Take care. C


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