Weekly Photo Challenge – Down

I try not to look down too much, of course you have to watch your step sometimes, but looking down a lot can prevent you from enjoying all the scenery around. I suppose though, there are times when you might stumble, or even squash something, if you completely ignore what is down, under your feet.

Fortunately human beings have this ability to be aware of many directions at once. That is something to be grateful for. Can you imagine how ill fated our existence would be if we were not aware of up and down, left and right, back & front at the same time? I feel dizzy just thinking about it.

When I look down I most often see 83 year old floors, cracked & worn with age, and needing some care.

Balance; we are designed to live in balance. Having awareness of all directions and being able to maintain our existence in relation to these directions. It is true also for past, present and future, as well as our mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and relationship needs. We have to live in balance or we become ill.

The world is ill, is it not? The world is out of balance in many ways. Each one of us as part of the world can move toward restoring balance or not. Although we may feel insignificant at times, each one of us has an affect on others. It may look as though some are doing great things to change the world, but still huge problems exist and more needs to be done. It may feel as if small efforts have little effect, however the world can not be whole until ever person and thing can live in balance with one another. Every person is needed and all effort is valuable.

If you seek balance in your life, and you love and care for others, living in harmony with the environment and all creatures, you are making a difference. Thank you for making the world a better place.


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