The Lost Day

Yesterday I could not even enter my own linkey list, not surprised that no one else did either. That’s okay, I wasn’t expecting a big turn out right away, especially since I didn’t have much chance to promote it. However, I’m submitting my “Create The Day With Joy” post today. It won’t be what you expect.

Yesterday I woke up with a migraine headache. I get these sometimes, maybe a few times a year. I had an early appointment, so I took some medicine and left the house at 8:00 am. By the time I got back at 9:30 the headache was worse, so I asked my older son to take his younger brother to school.

I had another appointment at 10:30, so after resting for 40 minutes I struggled to get there. Somehow I had not been given good directions and I couldn’t find the place. My headache was getting worse, I had forgotten my cell phone, so I went home. I called from home to explain why I had missed the appointment and rescheduled it. By this point I was on the edge of collapse, had not eaten anything and could not because I was close to vomiting. I crawled into bed.

Suddenly I remembered, “today was the day I was going to write a post titled – Create the Day With Joy”. How fitting to be laying in bed with a migraine. Thinking hurts, the room is spinning, “God, please let me sleep”. I slept until 2:00 pm. Suddenly I awoke and realized I had to go pick up my son. I got up, but the headache was still there, slightly improved.

I had another appointment at 3:00 pm, however as I drove top pick up my son I realized that I should not be driving. The headache was getting worse again and I was a danger on the road. My son doesn’t drive yet, so I took back roads, deep breaths, and went carefully, sometimes closing one eye and then the other. When we got home I lay down on the couch and called to cancel the other appointment.

Still, in the back of my mind I was thinking about “Create the Day With Joy”. Yes, sometimes it is very hard to do that. Sometimes you just have to find a way to get through a day. So I thought about the most joyful day in my life, but it hurt to think. I needed to sleep more. I needed to eat something because I hadn’t eaten all day, and take more medicine. I pushed myself to get up, find crackers, take medicine, and crawl back into bed. Joy will have to wait.

I covered my head with a pillow and gave myself up to the soft blankets and mattress that was surrounding me. As I drifted off a picture flashed across my mind:

My most beautiful “Create the Day With Joy” experience.

Although it was many years ago now, and there was a lot of pain involved, it is still to this day one of my most joyful moments in life, and it comforts me to remember it.

3 thoughts on “The Lost Day

  1. I remember considering becoming a teacher many years ago. I was disheartened when a teacher friend, “Some years are bad. You just have to plow through ’em.” I confirmed I’d heard correctly: “Years?!” “Yep, years.”

    Sometimes it really is just a matter of getting through the day, hoping the next day will be better . . . and that we’ll have a few sweet moments scattered throughout. Love yours here.


  2. Sometimes the hardest part of living is just keeping focused on your intention to have a good day! I’ve had some myself that rocked me to my core and had me considering alternatives but way down deep is a spark that always flares up and reminds me I want to be here and see what’s going to happen next. Almost like you have to get through the mess to be able to appreciate the good stuff! Glad to see you felt the same.


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