Beautiful Lengths

Since last summer my daughter has been talking about cutting her hair and donating it again. She’s done this a few times in her life starting from when she was about 10 because she has hair that grows well. This time she decided to do some research about the companies that take hair donations.

She compared statistics and information from several companies and found that not all charities are the same. Many organizations that collect hair donations to make wigs for cancer patients actually sell the wigs to these patients. However she found that Pantene gives the wigs free of charge to women who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy.

Pantene has a program called Beautiful Lengths. They create and give more wigs for charity, with less donations, than the other organizations do. So here is our little after Christmas project – The Hair Cut.

She decided to cut about 2 inches off the bottom first, to get rid of the sun bleached split ends. The hair has to be washed and dry, then gathered into a pony tail with the elastic being just below the cut off point. We decided to give them at least 11 inches, although they only require 8 inches. My cutting skills are not the best (I suggested having it done at a beauty parlor), but she shaped it up herself afterwards as you can see from the last picture.

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Lengths

  1. Awesome! I occasionally have friends consider doing this (and should have done it myself with my last haircut, d’oh), so it’ll be good to have a not-for-sale donation site to point ’em toward.

    Also, what philosopher said. 😉


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