The Roommate

When my son became a senior in college he finally had a room to himself. For his sophomore & junior years he was in a triple, so I thought he must be very happy to have some space finally. Although he was in an apartment with 4 other guys, at least he had his own room.

After his Christmas holidays last year he told me he was getting a new roommate. I was not sure if this was a good idea. I knew the type, and I suspected there might be trouble. My son has a soft-heart and he felt sorry for this guy, so he went ahead with this plan.

I would sometimes ask how things were going and he would tell me everything was fine. I would ask if his roommate was messy or a trouble maker in any way. He would always tell me no. Until he graduated and it was time to move out, then he saw the destruction his roommate had caused when my son wasn’t around. That was a problem that had to be solved by bribing the maintenance people.

My son moved back home after graduating, and his roommate came too. Well I guess we’re all a little soft (or nuts) because we just sort of adopted this roommate into our family. He had no place else to go, what could we do?

4 thoughts on “The Roommate

  1. I want a roommate like this! So adorable. Less or more maintenance than a 50-pound dog, do you think? Wondering whether I have to wait . . . ! 😉


    • Oh way more maintenance. He sheds so much fuzz, like 10 cats worth. Cleaning his bathroom is not as easy as dealing with cat litter. Believe it or not, he is more destructive than a 50 lb. dog. Rabbits are like goats, eating anything they can chew, clothes, beds, carpet, books. We give him cardboard boxes and he shreds them. If we lived in a warm place he would be outside in a large cage with his own little hut. I’m hoping my son will learn something from this.


  2. Can so identify. Luckily the Australian Rex bunny (NOT a miniature as advertised) was able to live in an outdoor atrium except in extreme weather. (Disgruntled it had an indoor cage for those times – one angry bunny. It was very peaceful looking at him in his little kingdom….I would have been totally insane if bunny had had to stay indoors – bunnies love to eat any electrical wire they can grab. Smart giving him boxes to shred – they must gnaw constantly to keep their teeth trimmed and in good condition. But look at that face…how can you not love?


    • My son has bought special tubing for all his wires, but still has had to replace a few. He has moved everything in his room up and built a cage around all the free floor space. But he refuses to totally cage the bunny in, so the bunny can hop on his bed and go under the bed. Every morning when I wake him up there’s a rabbit on his head nibbling on his hair. It’s a very funny sight. I’m hoping that the immense amount of cleaning & laundry my son has to do will have a positive impact and he’ll think of a better solution.


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