A Strange Year

Oct. 27, 2011 – I get a call from my daughter who’s in college near Albany, NY. “Mom it’s snowing!”, “You’re kidding, right?” I responded. A couple hours later we had a little snow dusting as well, just a little.

Oct. 28, 2011 – We woke up to see that the grass & cars were covered with a 1/2 inch white frosting. We had to defrost the cars before work & school. It melted away within an hour or two.

Oct. 29, 2011 – A reasonably nice day until about 4:00 PM. Snowflakes began to flutter down and we laughed, “I’ve heard we were going to have a snowstorm today”.

I thought, oh, it probably wont accumulate, it will just fall and melt, after all it’s not even Halloween yet. The leaves have not all turned color, and most of them are still attached to the trees. It has been an unusually late fall, not even very cold until this past week. Hmm…

5:30 PM in Manchester, NH – This is hard to believe.

We were still expecting it to stop soon and melt away.

7:30 PM – My son says, “What’s going on? It’s like the movie, Day After Tomorrow.”

Not really, but it is strange.

 In the 15 years I’ve lived in NH it has never snowed this much this early.

 One year we had a little flurry on Halloween that lasted about 30 minutes.

 A couple times it snowed during Thanksgiving. But usually, it doesn’t snow a lot until January. Often we’ve had a white Christmas, but not always. I saw enough snow last winter to last a lifetime and was not quite ready for this yet.

9:00 PM – The snow plow just went by, I see 4 inches on the tree branches.

Tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, and who knows what’s next. Is the world tilting? Perhaps we’re moving further north and the sun is moving further south. Is the equator still in the same place? We never know what might be happening on the large scheme of things. With that in mind I think that every moment is a gift of time to live lovingly, creatively and joyfully, regardless of the weather, or the changes in our lives.

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