Picasso Trees

My husband teaches art classes at several places. One location is Kimbal Jenkins Estate in Concord, NH, which is a very beautiful place to have an art school. We often go there for student & faculty shows as well.

We went to a show last spring and a few days ago. Both times my husband asked me to take pictures of the trees on the grounds so he can do some studies from the photos. There are several very large old trees there and I enjoy photographing them, but one tree really catches my interest. This tree sits right in the center of the circular drive in the middle of all the buildings. I call it Picasso‘s Tree.


Picasso Tree front

These two shots are of the same part of the trunk from different angles.


Picasso Tree

There is another tree on the back part of the property that also struck me as being one of Picasso’s works, so I call it Picasso Tree Brother.


Picasso Tree Brother

What do you think? Would Picasso approve?

3 thoughts on “Picasso Trees

  1. I think he would approve. I also think I would never have noticed these were I wandering around snapping photos, so that it’s a treat to see these through the Picasso lens . . . and I understand what I would have been missing!


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