Tote #2

So here is my latest bag, but I haven’t found buttons yet, so it’s not quite done.

It’s big enough to be an art tote, you could put sketch pads, paint brushes and all your other gear in it. It could also work as a diaper bag, I would have used it for that back in the day when I was there. It’s big enough for a laptop but it’s not really padded, it is strong though. The straps are reinforced under the pockets, and the bottom seam is also reinforced.  I think it could also be a great bag for a student who’s not into backpacks.

I’m really happy with the pockets on the back.

It’s like a pocket in a pocket. I like the fabric combination on this one, but I don’t need a bag this big at this time in my life. Maybe I’ll sell it. I wonder what I should charge?

The perfect bag for anyone you know? At one time in my life it would have been just right. For now, I’m still working on my perfect bag design. Maybe next time.


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