Sun Shine Flower

We were driving home from a friends house the other day and my husband pointed out some really tall sunflowers in a yard as we passed by. He loves sunflowers and has done a few paintings of them. He said, “You should take a photograph!” Of course we were already past it on a one way street, and anyway I didn’t have my camera with me and was really not in the mood to go back.

Later that day I realized I needed to take some library books back to the library, and the library was near where we had seen the sunflowers. I took my camera and went. It was late in the afternoon by this time, and a windy day. The sun was right behind the flowers from where I stood, but if I moved right or left I would get houses or trees in the picture. I wanted sky & flower. The flowers were waving like flags and it seemed like poor conditions for a photograph. However, I decided to use the conditions creatively, to make them work for me. I didn’t want to take just an ordinary photo of a flower anyway, so I aimed right at the sun hoping to get a flare.

I took a series of photos but this is my favorite. It prompted me to write an article for my husbands art blog, and I even added these to my portfolio. It was my husbands love of sunflowers, and my love for him, that prompted this creation.



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