Maxabella loves…: Postie delivery: Living confidently ever after



Hey, that’s right Maxabella, we do need confidence, but not the superficial arrogant type. Where does confidence come from? I believe it begins by being nurtured in love in the security of a happy home, while also being sufficiently challenged to keep growing toward your fullest potential.

Maxabella loves…: Postie delivery: Living confidently ever after.

What do you think?

A Star in a jar.

2 thoughts on “Maxabella loves…: Postie delivery: Living confidently ever after

  1. I love that image, and I feel the same about your answer to this. It’s something I struggle communicating to my dear ones: you don’t need to be like someone else or the best at everything (or even anything), ever to know that you bring something to discussions that wouldn’t be brought were you not there. That confidence cuts out so much time spent worrying and allows the freedom to do, and in so doing (seizing the dream!) have more emotional room to help make the world better.

    Did I mention I love that image? Beautiful.


  2. Oh I agree 100%. It has always surprised me how a simple comment from one person’s perspective could be something that no one else in the conversation thought of. My youngest son is good at doing that and he keeps me laughing all the time even though he’s not trying to be funny. I am so entertained by his thoughts.

    By the way, the photos from Maxabella’s blog, she always has very interesting photos with that kind of hazy old look. I don’t know whee she gets them.


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