Investment of Heart

I went to the Currier Museum of Art this past Saturday, a nice Museum we have in Manchester but I don’t go very often. I am always inspired by the permanent collection though, sometimes more than the current exhibit. That was the case this time. The current exhibit (somebody’s idea of cutting edge) was not even worth mentioning and I was very disappointed. So I revisited the many works I have seen before but trying to look with new eyes and new thoughts.

What really amazes me is how much heart & effort people have invested over the centuries to create beautiful things. It takes a vision and a lot of hard work and skill focused on this one thing the artist or crafts-person is trying to create. When the design is very intricate and detailed so much precision is required because so many mistakes could be made in the process. These pieces were not created in a haphazard way.

I enjoy abstract art and even exploratory art as well as random acts of beauty, but I know how much heart & investment it takes to create something that is detailed and refined. Sometimes it moves me to tears to see how much people have invested in their artwork.


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