Hot & Strong Beauties

Although I have not weeded my garden for the past 2 years, these lovely ladies keep bursting through the tangles to show me the strength of their beauty.

“Fear not” they say, “we will keep growing strong even in the absence of your loving care. The weeds will not distract us from our purpose and our goal.”

My heart was so comforted when they finally began to bloom, later than all the others in the area, but I felt so grateful to see them reaching for the sun unabashed.

Sometimes life presents great challenges that seem to weaken us. Our hopes and dreams erode like the paint that peels off of weathered wood. It takes strength & creativity to find hope, meaning & value under the most difficult circumstances. When I see the power of nature fulfilling it’s purpose, showing beauty & giving joy to those who appreciate it, I find strength within myself.

Day by day people may pass by unaware of the beauty around them. Caught up in their worries, troubles & life’s struggles their vision is diverted by the weeds, clouded with unhappiness. I have been in that state of mind as well, but nature always brings me back to my senses. Weeds will always grow even if we pull them out, they’ll grow back somewhere else. We have to be stronger & more beautiful than the weeds, focused on fulfilling our own unique purpose, even if no one notices.

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