Rainy Days Are Not Going Away

It’s days like today that make me want to move to a place that’s high and dry. As the clouds rolled in yesterday they brought pain, weakness and tiredness. Sleep was difficult, and today I struggle with movement and getting focused.

The plight of a person with autoimmune issues. Or am I just getting old? I turned 62 this year and I feel different. Only a year or two ago I was still fighting hard to stay on top of these health issues. It’s not that I’m not fighting anymore – I just feel like I’m losing the battle now.

I Have to Go Away

As much as I love NH, it’s killing me to live here. Except on those perfect sunny, breezy days when NH is the most beautiful place in the world. I’ve become a ‘Sunshine Friend’, you’ll only see me on good days.

No, I’m not done yet. I’m not going to mold away in this house, on this street, alone. I would rather die on an adventure to unexplored territory. But I’m not planning to die anytime soon either, so I’ll plan my next trip instead.

Live Free or Die

The NH state motto is in my genes, so I’ll carry it with me wherever I go. Staying here would not be living free, and it might lead to an early demise.

Leaving however, is no easy task. Lots of decisions, lots of letting go…..


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