Dinnertime with My Cousins

That’s a really big salad! When I ordered the Taco Salad I didn’t expect to get such a huge meal, I’m not that big of an eater. I couldn’t exactly send it back, especially with such friendly service.Dinner is so much better with a perky waitress.

Dinner with cousins 1

It had been almost 3 years since I had last seen my cousins, and that last time being at my mom’s funeral. And 3 years before that at my dad’s funeral. Weddings and funerals often become family reunions and that has always felt a little tragic to me. I didn’t see my cousins much growing up since I lived in FLorida and they all lived in the northeastern states. 20 years ago when I moved to New Hampshire I hoped that I could get to know them, but it’s not that easy, most of them still live quite a distance away.

Dinner with cousins 2

Fortunately I was passing through New York last year with my daughter and had a chance to stop and visit my cousins. We found that we all have something very profound in common – a deep love for sweet potato fries.

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2 thoughts on “Dinnertime with My Cousins

  1. I agree with you about the sad fact people will travel long distances for a funeral but often miss opportunities to catch up with the living. Looks like you had a lovely relaxed time with your cousins.

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