Magical Christmas

Happy Christmas to all bloggers, visitors, friends – well everyone and anyone who happens to catch this post. I just want to say that I’m really grateful to everyone who leaves a like or a comment. I have not been posting very much this past year mostly because of lack of time, so I really appreciate the encouragement of fellow bloggers.

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I am remembering a Christmas a few years back that was kind of magical. Well I guess every Christmas is magical, but anyway, the lights were somehow comforting during a difficult time. This Christmas is a little difficult too. The first time in 28 years that my husband and I are not celebrating Christmas together (he’s out of the country), and I’m celebrating Christmas with my kids on the 26th.

It’s okay, I’m happy that my youngest is home from college, my daughter and her fiance are flying in tomorrow night, and my oldest and his girlfriend are coming on Saturday. I am blessed to have such loving children. It’s just a little jollier with my husband here, he’s always the one cracking jokes and trying to make everyone smile.

coping with winter

So I sit here looking at my little tree and wondering how things are on the other side of the world where December is summertime and Santa and reindeer surf in with their sacks full of goodies. As I wonder about him and his family there it makes me think of how different Christmas is in various parts of the world, yet how very much the same it is too. It’s always about love, family, friends, peace, joy, hope, and light. Jesus illuminated the world with the love of God, and that love and light continues forever, available to everyone.

Funny how traditions spread, change and carry on from generation to generation, place to place. It doesn’t really matter that Christmas is often too commercialized, watered down, or combined with other aspects of culture because the light still shines through, it’s still about God’s love expressed through people. So I look at my little tree of lights and wish the world a very merry Christmas tonight.

tree 2015

4 thoughts on “Magical Christmas

  1. Hope you had a wonderful time with your children. Your last photo is how the tree looks to me without my glasses on. It is the one time of year that I cherish my poor vision because a new world opens before me without my glasses. My brother-in-law would poke himself in the eye and make them water so he could enjoy the same blurry lights that my sister and I enjoyed. Love and Light!


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