Autumn in NH

Sometimes I forget what a rural state I live in, being only 45 minutes north of Boston and living in New Hampshire’s Queen City. However, Autumn is my favorite time of year here and it’s the best time of year to get out of town and enjoy the states scenery. The leaves are only beginning to turn now as the nights are cold but the days are still warm. Blue skies, a crisp dry wind and sunshine called me to go on an adventure.Corn maze5

Corn, yes corn is a common crop around the state. Most of it has been harvested by now, but some farms have found an alternate use for these fields – entertainment and tourism. My daughter and I decided to explore a corn maze located in Lee, NH about 45 minutes east from Manchester. Since Lee is right next to Durham where the University of NH is located, we invited a friend who attends school there, and she just happened to live right down the road from Coppal House Farm.DSC_0712

Every year Coppal House Farm chooses a new design for their corn maze, and this year’s design was in 2 parts: Wildcat and Field Mouse. Wildcat is the mascot for UNH, so I guess the mouse represents their rivals.2014-CoppalHouseFarmFullView72px

Inside the maze there are mail boxes that you have to reach as milestones to find your way. In each mailbox there is a question with 2 possible answers. Depending on the answer you choose you will be instructed to go left or right. The correct answer will take you on the fast track to the next mailbox, and the incorrect answer will lead you in a round about way. No matter which path you choose there will be more forks in the road with no clues as to which way is better. Sometimes there will be a sign indicating a location such as Ear, Foot or Tail. You may even find a sign that says “You Are Lost”.Corn maze3

We had a lot of fun

It was sort of like playing trivia on a human size game board. The questions in the wildcat part of the maze were all about cats, and the questions in the mouse maze were related to mice. Out of 11 questions we got 3 wrong, so we never really got lost.

After finding our way through both mazes we headed back to the barn to nuzzle the work horses and check on the baby goats that had been born only hours earlier. Before leaving we made sure to buy some fresh corn, pumpkin, squash, and baby tomatoes for dinner.

Coppal House Farm is a family owned farm with a lot to offer year round. The farm store also offers pasture raised and grain fed meats, culinary cooking oils, apples and apple cider. Public and private wagon, carriage and sleigh rides are available for groups or individuals. Too bad we missed the Flashlight Night Maze on Saturday, but I think they do that each weekend through October. Farm1

In the 18 years I’ve lived in NH, I’ve never been to a corn maze, and I’ve never been on a sleigh ride. Guess where I’m going this winter!






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