10 Things That Are Helpful To Know About Grief

Today I read this post about grief on the blog “Insight from a Woman’s Heart”. I wanted to share it on my blog because it is so touching and it might help someone.

I also have experienced loss, most people have to one degree or another, it’s one of life’s inevitable experiences. That doesn’t make it any easier.

Please read Dee’s post and see how it touches your heart.

At 7:47 am this morning, my phone signalled that I had a text. I was still asleep and not quite sure I was ready to wake up. I almost ignored it. However, at the second beckoning, I reached for the phone and read, “if you get up and get dressed there is a big seal on the beach where Jake and Ella play.”

My husband knows I get very excited when I’m afforded the opportunity to be close to sea creatures. How close depends on how safe I’ll be. Nonetheless, I usually want to give it a go.

Yesterday was the first day of spring here. I could tell today was going to be a cracker of a day because sunlight was streaming through my window and beaconing me to accept his invitation.

I dressed quickly, grabbed my camera and made my way across the street to the beach where…

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