Summer Lovin’ – Weekly Photo Challenge

Summer in New England has always been my favorite time of year dating back from when I was 6 years old and living in Florida. Every summer was a trip to New England to visit grandparents and relatives. I guess that’s why I ended up moving here to raise my own children.

Summer Lovin’ to me starts with the beach, then family trips to local attractions and zoos. I also can’t forget the years of weekends on the island at the lake, and staffing at summer camps. Oh, and the flowers, the beautiful flowers of New England summers make up for the cold and harsh winters.

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19 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’ – Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. Is that cardboard sliding down the hill? We love to do that with kids ( all the sledding we get…there’s a big manmade hill in the park by the zoo
    Great giant rock.
    (Wa everyone here a camp counselor at one time or another? How funny)
    Enjoy the summer!


    • Yes, I did cardboard sliding in FL as a child on the grassy ramps of bridges going over the intercoastal waterway. This pic is of my kids cardboard sliding on the hill behind their grandparents summer cottage in NH.


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  5. Beautiful happy snaps of summer. My favourite shot has to be the monkey one as I’m a huge fan of monkeys. Very nice you managed to catch them in action, dangling about and I see one of them seems to be glaring at you! Or maybe posing for you…I’m inclined to think he’s a friendly monkey 🙂


    • Yes I was captivated by the monkey family and have many more photos of them. They moved very quickly not staying in one place or pose for long, but each moment was special. Since they were in a cage I have no idea how friendly they were but they didn’t seem to mind my fascination with them.


      • Not surprising. Monkeys are very energetic animals and love swinging everywhere. Seems like their kind of fun. I take that you didn’t have a banana with you, or hold one in your hand. You and the monkeys will be best friends if you did 😀


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