Shaker Village – Canterbury, NH

Contrasts – Weekly Photo Challenge

So much to see and so little time. I was so interested in the history of this religious movement and their innovative lifestyle that I forgot to take a lot of photos. The Shaker’s believed in creating an ideal world where God’s love could be experienced through their lifestyle and work.  To do this they felt it necessary for each person to totally dedicate himself/herself to God in celibacy. Combining morality that was far too strict to include procreation with ideals of communal family (they adopted children) and ever embracing the advancements of technology allowed them to produce a lot of great work. However, the beliefs and lifestyle died out without enough progeny to carry it on.

A fun little trip on a hot summer day. Find ticket discounts online and give yourself the full day (10 to 4) to browse around the buildings, take a guided tour (very educational but covers only half the buildings) and survey the grounds. You don’t want to miss the man made lake, the herb garden and the cows.

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