Miss Me? I’ve Been Sleeping

Sleeping Woman by Sandor Liezen-Meyer

Sleeping Woman by Sandor Liezen-Meyer

Well, I feel like sleeping right now too. It’s been almost a month since I’ve put up a post simply because I’ve been too damn tired. The camera has been sitting in it’s case on my alternate desk chair, collecting dust. My desktop is a mess of TO DO notes, and I don’t even know what the latest Weekly Photo Challenge is.

Between work, family and my volunteer work, the only other thing I’ve done is sleep. I finally dragged myself to the doctor to learn that I had a bacterial infection and my vitamin D was extremely low. That explains a lot of symptoms, but I don’t want to get started on my health issues. I still need to go get a chest x-ray.

Now, for a limited time, I’m free! Free from work, because I got fired. I’ve NEVER been fired before and it was such a shock! I won’t go into the details but let’s just say there were some sets of circumstances that were beyond my control, there were others who made poor decisions, I did make one of the mistakes I was accused of, but I was the most likely person to blame several complicated issues on. BUT, I’m over it already – because it was meant to be.

I loved that job – BUT it obviously didn’t love me. By that I don’t mean the people, they were all great, I mean somehow it wasn’t good for my health. I won’t say it was the cause of my health problems (because I have a chronic condition) but working was interfering with my ability to maintain good health. I need to work to support myself, but I was beginning to feel like I was dying. About 2 days after my job ended people started telling me I was looking better, more relaxed and happier. That says something about the effects of stress on health.

So I have a little time, a week or two, to get myself together for the next job hunting marathon. Is there a stress-less job out there? Time to reevaluate my options and priorities. My life is pretty simple but I’m moving toward simpler, downsizing, and eventually being able to enjoy long strolls on the beach with my loved ones.

6 thoughts on “Miss Me? I’ve Been Sleeping

  1. Don’t rush into anything. Take you time. Smell the roses and enjoy those long walks on the beach. When one door closes another door of opportuity seems to open almost immediately if you just take the time and watch for it. Thanks for sharing your story.Good luck to you and yours.


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