Big – Sharing The View

The view was BIG! From every angle a huge landscape.

Sometimes we don’t appreciate what we have enough, until we share it.These were taken with my phone yesterday while showing friends from out of town the local scene.
The old road to Robert’s Cove, as kids we ran down to the lake for a swim.
Another view of the lake from a different hill we used to hike. The island in the middle with the two hills is where my parents had a summer cottage.

There is a long family history in these 3 photos that brought back so many memories. Although I have not lived in NH my whole life, I have visited here since I was a baby. My  roots seem to be connected to this lake.

The lake is big, it would take 3 or 4 hours to drive around it. It has many nooks & crannies, coves and bays, islands & rocks. We took our friends on a tour around 1/3rd of it’s edges, the north eastern side, to share our memories and stories. Life is big and that’s why we share it.



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