Weekly Photo Challenge – Dreaming

Dreaming of warmer beaches…

Dreaming of different sunsets …

Dreaming of mice and birds!


3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Dreaming

  1. Great shots.
    You might try playing with the cropping of that second one – those lines and texture of the shirt and the sleek reflections of the door and the fuzzy outside glow are fascinating. Good catch.
    Of course the fuzzy cat-at-rests pose is pawsome – but even better with the hard solid criss-cross contrast.
    Nice shots


    • It’s interesting to see how many crops one can make with a single photograph. The second one is a drop, and the fuzzy outside glow was created not captured. I had not even noticed the reflections in the door so I might go back and have another look at the original.
      My big kitty is sleeping in a 4 ft. high plant stand. I took the fern outside for some fresh air and rain and found that it had been replaced by the tired huntress, home from her nights prowl.


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