Create The Day – With Plan B, C, D or G

We make plans and try our best to follow through, doing things well in the process. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out, so there is plan B, or C or D and so on. It’s necessary to be flexible and adaptable enough to deal with the unplanned obstacles that seem to divert our path.

When my daughter was applying to colleges and auditioning she had high hopes of getting into certain schools. Some auditions went well and some didn’t. She was accepted into 2 colleges, one that she really hoped to go to and the other was her back up school. The back up school gave her the best financial package. It was disappointing at first, but after visiting the school she began to see a new potential. After attending her “back up” school she she realized it was the best college for her because it offered her the greatest potential to study her major in a diverse way and to also have several minors. The campus life for her is better than anywhere else she could have gone. Although at first it seemed like all her plans had failed, in reality this college is helping her make her dreams come true in a way that no other college could have.

How strange it is the way these things work out. Perhaps it is plan “G” (God‘s plan) that is really working behind the scene. Have you ever tried really hard to make something work, following all the rules, doing everything the “right” way as you were instructed or advised, and it just didn’t work? The system failed, you failed, information was hidden or bad advise was given to you? No matter what you did, in the end you felt like a loser.

Time to look at plan B, time to make a plan C & D. We have to plan & prepare, we can’t just sit and do nothing. More than anything else though, I think it’s time to be open to plan “G”. In my heart of hearts I want to live in harmony with the God of love who knows my desires and needs, who knows the desires and needs of every being in the cosmos. The “Plan” is much bigger than what I can see, understand or control, but I can do my best to deal with circumstances ethically, honestly, diligently and with compassion.

It seems that we are losing our house. We have put so much effort into turning the Living Roomsituation around for the past 4 months, but it seems like the mortgage company is working against us even though we have been meticulous about following their requests and guidelines. There might still be a way, some possible options for saving the house, but it is more complex and more expensive and we have to wonder if it is worth it. Seeing the excessively complex system the mortgage company has set up, and experiencing the mismanagement and withholding of information that has already occurred, it is hard to trust them. I have to consider that there might be a plan “G”, even though the thought of losing my house pains me to no end.

Regardless of pains or losses, I am determined to continue to be a creative force for good.  If I lose my house I hope it goes to someone good who needs it and can love it more than I.  Perhaps I can use the wisdom I’ve gained through this process to help someone else avoid foreclosure. If by some miracle we manage to keep this house, I hope we can take care of it well, and use it as a place where love can continue to grow and take care of people. That’s what a home is all about anyway, at least from my point of view.

So I said to my husband, we have to have a family meeting, we have to decide our steps for moving forward all together. We are co-creators with God and with each other, so our hearts and our steps need to be united in purpose. Our plans and alternate plans have to consider everyone, and we need to help our children stay open to plan “G”, the unseen part that is bigger than all of us.

7 thoughts on “Create The Day – With Plan B, C, D or G

  1. Sending prayers your way that everything works out well. Thank you for linking up to the Thursday hop. Sorry I’m behind in saying thank you. My Monday post will explain my delay.Hope to see you again this Thursday. xo


  2. My heart goes out to you. What a terrible situation for you to find yourselves in. Im sure that no matter what happens you will find the ‘good’ in your situation. in the meantime – prayers that all will be well and you will keep your house. good Luck 🙂


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