Weekly Photo Challenge- Contrast

Contrast – Not only light and dark, but furry or smooth, round or pointed, sharp or blurred, reds and greens, colorful and colorless, there are many types of contrast that make the world interesting & beautiful.

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge- Contrast

  1. Today I watched the “MOLLY” video you shared and the beauty of children is contrasted by the uglyness of poverty…
    LOVE is creative
    Be loving
    Be creative.
    Thank you for being here!


      • My apologies, that feature is malfunctioning. Thank you for pointing that out.
        I routinely post on facebook, here on wordpress and zippcast video sharing. I closed all my google accounts because of their policies. That deleted a HUGE amount of information sharing over the years through blogger, youtube and google but the corporate-governments are getting the message that people are protecting their rights to be free and live in peace. WE are creating peaceful alternatives.


  2. Beautiful images!

    I’ve just discovered your blog, and I must say, it is quite inspiring. Thank you for sharing your art, photography, and thoughts here!



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