The Smile We Can Never Forget

Thanks for all of your comments & sympathy Kristen, Deborah & Cel. The ceremony was actually quite beautiful and heartfelt with over 200 people showing up. This young man was cared about deeply by school friends, church members, relatives and friends from around the world. He had a great impact on peoples lives as he was a loving son & brother, supportive friend, incredible athlete and a passionate person with an infectious smile that everyone remembers. There was a sparkle in his eyes when he smiled.

Why then did he end his life? As much as he fought to live a good life and be a good person, there was an internal suffering going on for a long time. I am one who knows the power of hormones, brain chemistry and nutritional imbalance and how this affects the way we think and feel. Having dealt with these issues as an adult, I can only feel great sympathy for a young man growing up with such issues. The beauty is that in spite of all this he was a loving person whose departure from this world brought many people together with a renewed heart of love, understanding and compassion. The unconditional love of God is both mysterious and liberating.

Love your feedback, tell me what you think!

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