Jazzy’s Jewels

My daughter Jasmine likes to make jewelry. She has been selling it mostly to support causes she believes in. These are just a few items, more will come later. She sells the earrings for $15 per pair, the necklace is also $15, and these prices include shipping. You can order by leaving a comment. I always read the comments.

Women love earrings. I can never have too many earrings (especially with a daughter who borrows them). I can do without a necklace or bracelet, but I feel naked without my earrings. Why do we love earrings so much?

One funny thing she told me is that she enjoys creating new designs, so sometimes she makes one earring but loses interest in completing the set. I thought I might help her out with that by following her design to complete the second piece, that way I would also be learning. She liked that idea, but we haven’t started yet.

What piece of jewelry can you not do without?

4 thoughts on “Jazzy’s Jewels

  1. Tee-hee! You might recall my answer to this, which is also earrings. I’ve got three piercings in each ear, and will return a fourth in short order. I tend to only leave studs in the third and fourth spots, but I like putting dangly earrings–such as those in the upper right-hand photo slot here!–in the bottom two. 🙂 Today I’ve got a pair of dangly black and white cassettes in #1 and small dangly black rectangles in #2.


  2. Jazzy was just asking me what i thought about her getting a second set of piercings. She wants to wear 2 sets of dangles. I like the asymmetrical look myself, 2 on one side & one on the other. It’s all good.


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