Summer’s End

For some people summer may evoke memories of lazy days as a child idling the time away, flying kites & riding bikes, going to the park or the beach, or hanging out with friends.

kite card

Kite at sunset

Oh wait, that was me as a kid. Summer was really hot (in Florida), we competed for the best tan. But we spent the strongest sunshine hours from noon to 3 PM indoors in the air conditioning. Hanging out, doing crafts or reading. Outdoor activities were best in the morning or late afternoon & evening. It didn’t get dark until 9 PM. Anyway, in Florida you have access to the same outdoor activities year round, so why risk dehydration and skin cancer in the summer?

New England is so different. I first moved up here in the summer and I couldn’t understand the mad rush to the lakes, parks & bar-b-ques on the weekends. It was a mad rush all summer with happenings everywhere. It didn’t make sense to me. Then there was the mad rush to get ready for the new school year and sports, and finally a big bash for Labor Day weekend. “What’s the big deal?” I thought. Seasons, it was about seasons.

I didn’t know much about seasons, how they affect lifestyle, mood, expectations. It took along time to get used to it too. People who are born or grow up in a place with 4 seasons

ripening blueberries

ripening blueberries

will naturally adapt & prepare for what’s coming. They also anticipate the benefits of each season more than someone who is used to a less changing climate.

One of my favorite end of the summer activities in NH is picking ripe blueberries, on a mountain, on an island on the lake, and now in Mom’s back yard. Another favorite is being early for back to school sales. Being early is the key, being late is a disaster. Now it’s back to college for my daughter. Preparing for the new year at college can be a lot less expensive. By this time your kids are much more aware of what they need and don’t need. They can also take a lot of the stuff they already have, and if they’ve been working, they can pitch in & help with the expenses.


colorful apron

So this year, as my daughter’s room will be in a house with a common kitchen that she is so looking forward to using, I decided to make a special gift. I must admit I made it from a kit and the kit was on sale (at Hobby Lobby) but I couldn’t resist. I knew she would love it.

Now, she’s busy getting the little things, cleaning up her room at home and packing. Spending a little more mommy/daughter time and time with friends, while preparing for & anticipating what Autumn will bring. Preparing and anticipating, we do a lot of that as parents too. I guess you could say it’s a very big part of life. So perhaps growing up in a place with seasons has it’s benefits, understanding that life is always changing and there are things we can do to prepare, and every season has it’s highlights.

What’s your favorite season and what do you like most about it? Are you from a place where climate & geography made your life very different from what it is now?

3 thoughts on “Summer’s End

  1. I love Autumn. Apart from being the season of my birth, it’s also the season that starts the sweeping away of the old before spring ushers in the new year. Autumn is a reminder to me that missteps, failures and wrongdoings all fade away, too. Very little lasts forever, and the cycle of seasons reminds me of the importance of letting go of the bad parts of the old to embrace the hope of the new.

    We had four seasons up in Eugene, Oregon, and I do miss them occasionally–but not enough to return to the months of rain that fell there annually! Noooooo.


    • I really like what you’re saying about sweeping away the old & the wrongdoings & stuff. I never thought of it that way but I think I will now.

      Autumn is great in New England and probably the best season in NH. The spring here is kind of messy & late blooming and the winter is like hibernating. When I lived in Mississippi the Spring was the most beautiful.


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