Animal Encounter (part 3)

Are butterflies considered animals or bugs or both? They are not easy to photograph as they flutter around so quickly. One little beauty fell in love with my son. He is not especially fond of bugs and didn’t really want to go to the butterfly exhibit in the first place. Then as we were getting ready to leave the enclosure one little sweetie attached herself to him. I would snap a picture and she would flit away and then come right back and land on a different part of his shirt. She did this several times, even following him through the plastic fringe curtain that was meant to stop the bugs from escaping. We had to gently guide my son back into the exhibit area and encourage his new crush to let him go. Finally she flitted away.

This bird is almost more stunning than the peacock. There was a peacock but it was in a cage, so the fencing & poor lighting created too much distraction to get a good picture of it. But this beauty made up for that.

Flowers are so amazing, and sometimes weird too.

On our way out a monkey family caught our eye. They way the mamma was interacting with her baby was so cute. Wherever she swung or dropped to the baby just hung on. These monkeys mate for life, so the daddy was there too, mostly watching but he did share food with the mamma.

To cool ourselves off we headed to the beach before heading home. A lovely day!

We did not encounter sharks, so this is the end of our Animal Encounter.

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