Soup du Jour

Soup du jourThe weather turns cold or rainy and I think of a yummy warm bowl of soup to relieve the aches in my bones. Rather than opening a can, I create a quick and healthy pot full of deliciousness that lasts for days.

Fast, easy and intuitive

– that’s my cooking motto. Here’s how it works:

  1. Put olive oil & chopped onions in a big pot on medium heat until the onions are browning
  2. Throw in some cut up root veges (like carrots) and minced garlic, cook a couple minutes more
  3. Add water according to how much soup you want to make (I usually use 6 cups)
  4. Add a big rounded tablespoon of vegetable soup base (Better Than Bouillon) and turn up the heat
  5. Add other favorite vegetables, as many as you want, and boil until tender but not overdone
  6. Turn down the heat and add a big rounded tablespoon of miso paste and other spices as desired
  7. Stir well until miso is dissolved, add tofu or rice noodles if desired

So that’s the general idea and it only takes about a half hour. The soup will vary in taste depending on which vegetables and spices you use. Also a different taste and texture can be achieved by changing the proportions of vegetable base and miso, more or less of one or the other. A different soup every time you make it!

The bonus

It becomes an even faster and easier meal the next day when anyone can grab a bowl or cup full and warm it in the microwave.

Photos taken with my phone.

Love your feedback, tell me what you think!

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