Weekly Photo Challenge – Surprise & 2012 in Photos

I’m cheating – 2 Challenges in one.

Surprise! On Dec. 24th at 1:00 AM, my daughter came home to NH from her trip to AZ. I made her stand outside the door and wait while I prepared the atmosphere in the living room. A crackling fireplace is something we’ve never had in our house before, but this year thanks to Netflix we had it complete with Christmas Carols!

WElcome home Jaz

2012 In Photos

The year of the Dragon began with sunshine and contemplation.

DSC_0488We never escape the winter whiteness in NH.Out Front WinterA trip to NYC for a change of scenery.Geo 2wSpring comes slowly…and so does change. It’s a difficult year.me at beachThe blooming of hope.Haze wBeauty offers comfort.The imperfectionLife goes on.back wall 4We may need to leave here someday….my living room 2but we can still enjoy what we have for now.Amoskeag damA strong & healthy man recovers quickly.for berter or worseSharing memories with old friends.Lake W2Saying I’ll love you forever, thank you, and goodbye for now.Mom & Me wTaking care of my own health becomes a priority.My yoga 2 For the first time in 20 years we celebrate the holidays in our own little home….first & lastand cope with winter the as best as we can.coping with winter

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