Half Light in the Wild West

On my trip west last Fall, one of my favorite parts was viewing the sunsets. Especially in southern New Mexico and Arizona where these photos were taken. It seemed like there was never a place to stop, so these photos were taken with my phone while my daughter (or her now husband) were driving.

My favorite driving song, maybe even my favorite song of all time, is Born to be Wild, by Steppenwolf, and I’m sure we listened to it at least once during this trip.

“Wow, look at the sunset, can you pull over?”
“Where? The shoulders are too narrow and rocky and everyone is driving so fast.”
“Oh, it’s changing so quickly. Where’s my camera?”
“In the back seat under all that stuff.”
“Okay, I’ll just use my phone.” – “Your windshield is really dirty.”

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Half Light

Born to be Wild – music video (HD) from Foolish Heart Productions. on Vimeo.

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