Gone, But Not Forgotten – Weekly Photo Challenge

How strange it was for me to read the theme for this weeks WordPress photo challenge. Two years ago this week we said goodby to my mother at her memorial service, and I have been reminiscing through the photos. I miss her, and my dad also. Never forgotten, they are always in my heart and thoughts.


I understand why my mom died only 3 years after my dad, she was too lonely without him. Even though we were there for her and she loved us so much, the loss of her beloved was too great. They were soul mates, together 55 years and counting.


Every Christmas of my life until 5 years ago I spent with my parents, until 2 years ago with my mom. The same is true for my children, we always spent Christmas with their grandparents.


Love can not be forgotten. Their love, our love, it binds us together forever. I am so blessed to know this kind of unforgettable love.Mom & Dad

Dad Aug 2009

A couple hours before my dad passed away, he asked her once again to lay by his side. She stayed with him and comforted him right to the end. I tried to do the same for her by staying in her hospital room so she would know she was not alone.Dad's flowers 8-09

Talismen roses Aug 09

There were so many beautiful flowers at both funerals. There were so many wonderful friends and family who came both times. My parents were truly people who could not be forgotten. They may be gone physically from this time and place, but they live forever in the hearts and minds of our family and others who knew them.

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15 thoughts on “Gone, But Not Forgotten – Weekly Photo Challenge

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  3. A touching post which brought tears to my eyes, especially when I saw the photo of your mom lying next to your dad. Such love is truly special and timeless, as it will live on in your hearts forever. Thanks for these beautiful photos and words; you are blessed to have had such wonderful parents 🙂


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