Crooked Lines

Crooked Lines: it was suspenseful, dramatic and real all at the same time. I don’t want to tell you too much about it because it’s unpredictableness is a big part of the enjoyment.

Let's Dance!

I Met My Heart Today

There it was, beating so rhythmically, beautifully, never missing a beat. It reminded me of a Salsa dancer and it made me want to dance too. I stared in amazement at this living, pulsating thing that hides inside my chest. Unlike even the best Salsa dancer, it never stops, it keeps pumping to it’s own…


It’s All For Love & Learning

Road Rage This past weekend was tough. We had to get up at 4AM on Saturday to drive 4 hours to our son’s college orientation. No breakfast, in a hurry, it’s a setup for arguments. We managed to hold ourselves together, get some food and get to the orientation on time. Our son was also…